FISHTANK logo development

I really enjoy logo development and sadly it’s something I don’t get a chance to do very often.  Most of the work I get is for cuckoo cartoony illustrations, which frankly is my favourite thing to do, but the challenge of doing something tight, strong, memorable and instantly recognizable is a challenge I really dig.  A new consulting outfit is starting up in Calgary called Fishtank and I was asked to come up with a logo for them.  I’ve known the client for a while, and I know he’s not adverse to some whimsey so I began with some looser, fun fonts.  I’ll admit, it’s entirely possible that I’ve been watching too much Spongebob with the boy and it may’ve influenced a few artistic decisions.


It turns out these may’ve been just a bit too whimsical.  My client and his partner liked the top left options and the bottom right options with a leaning towards the latter.  They asked if they could see something like that but not cartoony with a crisper font.  Mais oui, mes amis!  They’d also mentioned wanting to see a new option having a bit of word play fun with the idea of a fish TANK., so I put together the following.

Fishtank, take 2

They consulted, put their heads together and voted on option 1.  We tweaked the colours just a hair and here’s the final product.

FishtankHappiness was enjoyed by all. I really enjoyed working with these cats.  To give you an idea of what they do and who they are, here’s the blurb from their site:

“We are Application Architects, Team Leaders, Mentors, and Trainers. We look as good in slacks as we do in suits. We don’t look at our feet when we talk, and we don’t build things just because think it’s cool. We can build the software you need.

We can teach your team members to build it, too.”

Cool, right?  Visit them here –

Like this logo?  Take a look at some more here or contact me to either get one for your very own (or just let me know that you think it’s nice).

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